"[Matt Damon] seemed soft in comparison to the stuff you got up to…"

"So that makes me hard? … This is rated G, right?" (x)

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I love the way, when we get this scene, it’s Marta remembering not the last Outcome agent she examined, but an earlier conversation, a different agent; the one who seemed to be trying just very slightly to suggest that she should look beyond the nice, neat walls of “I’m doing it all for science!”; the one who said “What do you think we do out there?”.  The one with the sad eyes and the injured hand.  The one who tried, a tad clumsily but seemingly with sincerity, to flirt with her.

In a way, large aspects of their relationship are prefigured in this one little conversation.

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Apparently this is an actual thing Jeremy Renner does to warm up for a scene. Tom Cruise saw him doing it and made the director put it in the movie.

WHAT. This is important information!

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"God, you’re beautiful." Dammit, Renner.

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