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How to Answer the Top 35 Asked Interview Questions from The Undercover Recruiter here. Posted for friends looking for jobs this summer. Unfortunately you may also be asked illegal questions and these are two pretty good articles here and here.








Our psychological state allows us to see only what we want/need/feel to see at a particular time. What five words do you see?

this scares me a little


meme, fool, suicide, cum and pee. I. I don’t know man. 

Bail, See, The, Crush, Fooly.

Enigma, passion, secrets, malice, rage

Leave, secrets, naked, passion, maniac

Fury, fool, past, maniac and passion.


I really love villains

not in a ‘poor baby is so misunderstood’ way

in a ‘your amorality is so fascinating and delicious’ way

Maleficent is my favorite.



Nathan Fillion is not appreciated enough.

Nathan Fillion is one of the sweetest, most adorable dorks on the planet.  And tall.  And a complete geek.  He’s just a big kid.


[Bryan Fuller on Margot Verger] In the novel, she’s a very masculine character, who has had years of steroid abuse and is a lesbian, and it was unclear to me in the novel whether she was either transgender or a lesbian as a result of those horrible abuses and that horrible childhood and [Beat.] that’s not how transgenderism or homosexuality works. So I didn’t want to contribute to that misconception of what it is to be transgender or a gay woman. 


I’ve been waiting for Margot (and Mason) to make an appearance and she did not disappoint.

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I think you need this, autumnrhythm30

The story of my life… Is this app actually real though


Cobb: I need an architect who is as good as I was.
Miles: I’ve got somebody better.



Take that, Bembridge Scholars!

The Mummy is a film about a woman having a marvellous time, and I think that’s so beautiful.

#i had a marvellous time watching her have a marvellous time 

“The point of fics set in alternate universes are to show that no matter what setting or circumstance, these two people will always find each other. I will find you. Every me loves every you.”

Me ranting to Tati (tsuritamagotchi) two nights ago (via serenityundrage)

This is exactly the way I think of AUs, too.  The last two sentences, though.  Wow. So few words to just choke me up, there.  <3 (via random_nexus)

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Natasha and Sam take it upon themselves to help Bucky and Steve adjust to twenty-first century semi-civilian life.


Natasha walks into Steve’s kitchen—through the window of course—and hears the tail end of a conversation about KFC.

"—I don’t think it had much to do with Kentucky," Steve was saying. "Though maybe it does? Maybe Kentucky means something different in the future?"

Bucky grunted in agreement.

"Steve, Steve, Steve," Natasha said, shaking her head. "If you need a tour of modern cuisine, all you had to do was ask. I could take you out."

"I don’t—Bucky asked—” Steve said.

Both of you,” she clarified. “Come on, let’s see how the fast food industry holds out against supersoldier stomachs.”

She was thrilled later when between them they finished that particular KFC’s daily supply of chicken.


"Natasha took you to a KFC?" Sam asked, appalled. "Man, you haven’t even tried sushi yet. Don’t go straight to the lowest common denominator, you hear what I’m saying?"

"Actually, I noticed that the prices at the KFC made a pretty large meal affordable even for—" said Steve.

"Yes, man, believe me, I know,” said Sam. “But this is your introduction to the future. We can do better than K fucking FC.”

"Yeah?" asked Bucky, leaning back in his chair, all challenge. "Can you do better?"

"Can I do better, he says," scoffed Sam. "Can I do—get your super asses up, we’re going for sushi."


Later, Bucky opened Steve’s fridge and there was still nothing.

"Where do you think we can convince them to take us next?" he called over his shoulder. "I’m hungry again."

"Let’s tell them we don’t know what a cheeseburger is," suggested Steve.

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