Even if I now saw you only once, I would long for you through worlds, worlds.

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Eventually he sits down next to Amy and she puts her hand on his hand. He puts his other hand on top of her hand. He looks at their hands together and rubs her skin with his thumb. He looks out at the city and exhales. The sun is just starting to break. She puts her head on his shoulder. They watch as hundreds of birds fly around the nearby rooftops and disperse off into the city. 

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I was telling my friend a story the other day and it must have taken too long because he quietly took out his wallet and handed this to me.

He literally carries like 50 of them at all times.

that is so fucking rude and i need several hundred

I’d like to order 200 please.

I’d carry around another set that said ‘go fuck yourself’ for the slim possibility of getting one of these.